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Three Reasons To Remove Curtains Before An Open House

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A task that might seem unconventional, but that can actually have a lot of benefits, is to remove the curtains in your home before an open house. You might be concerned that doing so could make the house appear somewhat stark, and this theoretically could be an issue. However, you'll likely appreciate that this simple task can lead to far more benefits that drawbacks, and may be a valuable step in helping you to sell your house faster. Here are three reasons to remove your curtains before you try to sell real estate.

They'll Take Odors With Them

Curtains can be a major source of odors in your home. It's not that the curtains themselves smell—it's that the fabric easily absorbs any strong scents. If you're a smoker, you can guarantee that a deep whiff of the curtains will yield the smell of smoke. Food smells can also lurk in your curtains, and the result is that this odor will be present when people step into your home. You might be so accustomed to the smells that you don't notice them, but this won't be the case for open house attendees. When you remove the curtains, they'll take their odors with them.

They'll Make The Space Look Larger

Curtains may improve the ambiance of a room, but they also can make it look smaller. This occurs for a couple of reasons. If the curtains are bulky, which is often the case, they'll physically take up space in the room. For example, if they brush against a couch, you may choose to push the couch out father into the room—a move that will eat up floor space in the room. Similarly, the curtains will block out some natural light from flowing in, which can make the room appear dark and thus smaller. By removing the curtains, you avoid both of these predicaments.

They Won't Be Distracting

Not everyone who visits your open house will have the same sense of style as you. Even if you're taking your curtains with you when you sell, rather than leaving them behind, curtains may be distracting to a prospective buyer. The person may inwardly think about how much he or she dislikes your curtains, and this can sour the person's overall view of your home. By not having them present, you won't have to worry about the curtains potentially distracting any buyers in this way.