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3 Features To Look For In A Good CRM Software For Real Estate Agents

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From complicated spreadsheets to online marketing platforms, keeping tabs of all of the programs that you use to be successful in the real estate business can be an insanely challenging thing. CRM software, which stands for Customer Relationship Management software, can make everything about how you do business much easier to handle by bringing you multiple tools to one easy-to-use platform. While there are many CRM software options out there for those in the real estate business, not all of them are the same. If you want to get the most benefit from a CRM software as an agent, it is best to know what features you need the most. 

The software offers one simplified contact database. 

Keeping up with all of the contacts you make is hugely important to sales and follow through to garner more sales and clients in the future, but keeping up with everyone can be hard. Look for a CRM software for real estate that offers one simplified contact database where you can log all customer contact information in one place. The best programs will allow you to connect to contacts you make on various platforms, such as through your email provider or on social media. 

The software allows you to use an automated email system. 

Follow-ups after home showings, reminders about appointments, and even just a friendly reminder email to let someone know you are there when you need them. All of these are examples of types of emails the average real estate agent sends out on a daily basis. With an automated email program provided by your CRM software, you can schedule automated emails to go out at times that will be most convenient for customers. The program will allow you to upload basic emails for different purposes that will go out at desirable times without you having to actually send them. 

The software gives you access to data on the go. 

A CRM software system is wonderful to have while you are in your office, but the life of a real estate agent will take them out of the office more often than they are in it. Because of this, you will need a CRM software that can be just as mobile as you are. Therefore, look for programs that allow mobile access on your smartphone or tablet when you need to get rapid information. For example, if you are out at a home site getting it prepared for a showing, you can log into the software platform from your phone to check times for upcoming appointments.