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When Is Tee Time? What To Consider When Buying A Home With Golf Course Frontage

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If you're looking into buying a home on the golf course, you've got some things to take into consideration. Buying a home on the golf course is slightly different than buying a home in another part of the community. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a home on the golf course.

Your Proximity to the Clubhouse

When it comes to purchasing a home on the golf course, you should consider its proximity to the clubhouse. Choosing a home that is located near the clubhouse will give you easy access to everything you'll need for your round of golf. However, it will also increase the foot traffic near your home. If you want a home on the golf course, but you'd still prefer a bit of privacy, you might want to choose one that is located farther from the clubhouse. However, if you'd prefer being closer to the community activities, choose a home that's closer to the clubhouse.

Regulations Regarding Guest Use

If you plan on having house guests on a regular basis, or you'd like to get your friends involved in your golf game, you need to consider the community regulations. Some golf course communities have strict regulations in place relating to guest use. If the community you're looking at has regulations regarding extended house guests or restricts the use of the golf course by non-members, you might want to look at other communities in the area.

Landscaping Restrictions for Your Yard

When it comes to making your new home your own, you'll want to add some of your own landscaping. You might even want to add a pool or hot tub to your yard. If you have children or grandchildren, you may have plans for some playground equipment in your yard. Before you choose a home on the golf course, make sure that the community doesn't have restrictions regarding the use of your yard. Some golf course communities restrict the ways that homeowners can individualize their yards.

Home Insurance Premiums for the Home

If the home you're looking at sits right on the golf course, you'll want to look at the insurance premiums you may be paying. Living on the golf course doesn't come without risks, especially when those wayward golf balls start flying through the air. One good swing could send a ball right through your window. Before you say yes to the house on the golf course, make sure you won't be paying through the roof for your home insurance.

For more information on finding golf course homes, contact your local realtor.