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3 Creative Ways To Involve Your Kids In A New Home Selection

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You are planning to buy a house, you have your list of things you want, and you have a real estate agent to help. However, your kids are less than pleased about the whole idea of moving. A lot of parents treat searching for a new home like an adult-only process, but the truth is, getting your kids involved could be a major attitudes changer. Therefore, it is a great idea to involve them in whatever ways you can. Check out these simple yet creative ways to involve your kids in a new home selection process.

1. Allow the kids to make their own list of reasonable must-haves.

Just like you have things you want in a new home, your kids will have their own ideas too. Of course, you can't lead them to believe they will get something luxury of that is not in your budget, but you can allow them to provide their reasonable ideas. Have your children to make their own short list of two or three things they want from a new house, such as a backyard for the family dog or an extra-large living room. Let your real estate agent know what you are doing and pass along your children's list of must-haves with your own.

2. Get the kids to help you search for ideal properties online.

Searching through all the available properties online can be an arduous task because there are so many listings on so many different websites. To get older children involved with the home selection process, allow them to help you find interesting properties online that could work. Give them a loose guideline of things like your buying budget, how many bedrooms you will need, and the area, and ask them to find you a few properties that might work.

3. Allow your kids to view prospects first and give their opinions.

This may sound a little unorthodox, but can definitely be a way to ensure your kids feel like their opinions do matter. Arrange viewings in a way that will allow time for the kids to go through the house with your agent first, and then come and give you their take on a house before you see it. You will still have the final say on whether or not you make an offer, but sometimes seeing the property as your child sees it first can help you see potential pros and cons you may not have even noticed at all.

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