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Four Basement Amenities To Look For When Buying A Luxury House

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Luxury homes come with a host of amenities and extras that make them look and feel truly special. When you are ready to buy a house like this, you want to make sure that every square foot works for you. The basement of the home you choose is no exception. Use the following guide as you get ready to buy a house so you can get everything you want from your luxury home's basement.


Many luxury homes are rather large, which can make bringing snacks and refreshments down to the entertaining areas in the basement a challenge. Having a kitchenette in the basement means you can prepare appetizers, snacks, and drinks while still entertaining guests. This option is ideal if you have a guest suite, home theater, or family room in the basement. Be sure your kitchenette includes an electric stovetop and a built-in microwave for meal prep as well as a sink and dishwasher for cleaning up afterward.

Guest Suite

While the upper floors of your luxury home may have a spare bedroom, having a guest suite in the basement comes with a few extra benefits. It gives guests more privacy when they're visiting from out of town, which is particularly handy if you have in-laws visiting who might want to avoid staying at a hotel but don't feel like staying in the main part of the home. Because your guest suite will be situated near the basement kitchenette, guests can also prepare coffee or snacks without disturbing anyone else in the home. Your guest suite should include a large bedroom, a sitting room area, and a large guest bathroom. Having a suite with a double-door entrance can also provide a grand look your guests can appreciate.

Home Theater

Keeping your home theater system in your living room doesn't exactly fit with the picture of luxury living. Having a dedicated home theater room in the basement takes watching movies and television to a new level. This room should feature a graded floor, theater-style seating, and space on the wall for a large projector screen or flat-screen television. Upscale luxury homes even come with recessed speakers installed in the wall to create a true theater look in the room.

Wine Cellar

If you love wine, consider a home with a wine cellar in the basement. These cellars can be more than just rooms with racks on the walls for storing vintage bottles. Some wine cellars come with bar areas, seating, and custom lighting. This means you can host wine tastings right from the comfort of your cellar. Any wine cellar should have an entrance that can be closed, as well as its own climate control system so your wines can be stored at the ideal temperature.

Look for these amenities in any home you are interested in, and determine which features are right for your lifestyle. A large unfinished basement might have plenty of potential, but buying a luxury home with all the amenities you already want means it will be move-in ready when you sign the closing papers.