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Tips For Selling Your First Home

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Selling your first home can be very intimidating--when you have never sold a piece of real estate before, you may not know what to do or what to expect. Successfully selling your home involves a lot of preparation before the "For Sale" sign is placed in the yard and your real estate agent posts a listing online. If you're planning on selling your first home in the next few months, use the following tips to maximize the number of offers and reduce the time your home is on the market:

Begin Packing

The last thing you want is for your home to look cluttered in listing photos or when potential buyers come for a showing. Thus, as soon as you know that you will be selling your home, it is in your best interest to begin packing. Start with things in closets and the garage that you don't use often, and go through each room and pack up things that you won't need before you move into a new home. Packing in advance can go a long way towards making your home look large and open.

Get a Home Inspection

Home inspections are typically ordered by buyers after an offer is accepted, but they can also be very beneficial to people who are planning to sell real estate. A comprehensive home inspection will let you know of any problems that you may not be aware of; after you get the home inspection report, you can either choose to make the repairs or price your home lower. It can be helpful to have a home inspection report on hand for potential buyers to view, since a clean home inspection report can ease their minds and increase the likelihood of an offer.

Deep Clean

When you're planning on putting your house on the market, it is absolutely essential for every room to be immaculately clean. No one wants to walk into a house that smells bad, has stains on the carpet, is full of dust, or has a dirty kitchen or bathroom. It is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your home and also have carpets and tile grout professionally cleaned.

Appeal to Buyers

You may love how your home looks, but when you're selling your first house it is important to appeal to potential buyers. Make sure that all the walls are painted a neutral color. Upgrade old finishes, such as door knobs, lighting fixtures, and towel racks, and remove all personal items, such as family photos or collectibles.