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What's Included in Clean-Up Services by Property Maintenance Companies?

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If you own rental properties and handle most of the tasks and responsibilities yourself, you may at some point feel overwhelmed by all the duties you have to complete. One of these is clean-up services when tenants move out. If you do not have time to thoroughly clean out and prepare units each time this happens, you could hire a property maintenance company to do this. Here are some of the things they will do when cleaning up vacant units.

Prepare a damage report

The very first thing a property maintenance company will likely do when they enter a unit that is now vacant is prepare a damage report. A damage report is something that will state the damage the tenant left in the apartment, and the damages left will be things you can charge the former tenant for. For example, if the unit has a hole in the wall, the company will state this on the report, and you can charge the tenant for repairing this damage. You can keep money from the tenant's security deposit for damage the tenant caused, and you can sue the tenant if the damage is extreme and will cost more than the amount of the security deposit.

Remove all trash and empty the entire unit

Secondly, the company will completely clear out the apartment. This includes throwing away all trash the tenant left, and it also includes removing any furniture or items the tenant may have left. The company will go through every part of the apartment while doing this, including inside all the cabinets and drawers.

Make a list of work the unit needs

After doing the first two steps, the company will make a list of all the work the unit needs. This may include painting the unit, replacing the carpet, and fixing things that are not working right. After they make the list, you can either hire them to complete all the work needed for the unit, or you could handle the repairs yourself.

The benefit of hiring a property maintenance company to do all the work is that they are good at these types of tasks, primarily because this is the type of work they handle every single day.

Cleaning up units after tenants move out can be a huge job, but you do not have to do this alone. You could outsource it to a property maintenance company, such as Choice  Maintenance Group LLC, and rest assured that your unit will be ready to rent to a new tenant.