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Selling Your Home For Cash On The Spot? Preparations And Tasks You Should Complete

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You are packing it up and packing it in. You want to "get outta Dodge" as soon as you can. For anyone in the same position, you can sell your home fast for cash on the spot, no questions asked. But wait—are there not some things you should do with the house first? Actually there are, but these tasks and preparations are so minimal, it will seem as though you are doing nothing at all. Just the same, the following preparations and tasks must be completed.

Leave the House Clean

You do not have to repair anything. Most of these business people who offer you cash for your house are actually looking to flip your home for a profit. They will fix whatever needs to be fixed. All you have to do is make sure the house is clean. That includes walls, carpets, light fixtures, sinks, toilets, ceilings, and showers/tubs.

In all reality, if you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, you can hire a cleaning service that provides "moving clean-out" service and have them do it instead. You leave the house clean just like you are supposed to, and you do not have to lift a finger to make that happen. It is the same rule as the one you must follow when you want you security deposit back from renting an apartment.

Move All of Your Stuff Out

The buyer wants your house, not your stuff. He or she is not a landlord, either, so do not leave your stuff behind in this or that room. Once he/she pays you for the house, it becomes his/hers. If you leave anything behind, it also becomes property of the new owner. Move it, or relinquish it.

Get a Copy of Your Property Deed and City Tax Bill

In order to sign your house over to this buyer for cash, you need a copy of your property deed and a copy of the city property tax bill. These are two documents the buyer will need to convert into his/her name. When you give these documents to the buyer and sign the written contract that acts as a bill of sale, the buyer is able to prove that the property now officially belongs to him/her. Then he/she can transfer the deed and property taxes into his/her name.

Leave a Forwarding Address Just in Case

People who offer to buy your house for cash have to live up to their deal. Leaving a forwarding address just in case is more about finding out something unseemly or strange about the property. Then the buyer can contact you for answers to questions he/she may have about the property. (You should never surrender your house deed without the buyer showing you the check or cash money first.)

Accept That This Is Quick and Permanent

You cannot have a case of seller's remorse under these circumstances. These buyers will not return your house to you if you decide two, three, or ten days after you have sold it to them. If you make a choice to sell the house quickly for cash, you must accept that this decision is fast and permanent. There is no going back once you have signed the documents, received the cash or check, and you have walked away.

It is completely unlike listing your home with a real estate agent and waiting forever for your home to be sold. That is because the buyer is also the business owner. If you are thinking, even for a split second, that you may change your mind, then maybe it is not time for you to sell.

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