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Looking For A Wheelchair-Friendly Home? 3 Features To Prioritize Before Buying

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When you or someone in your family is confined to a wheelchair, it's so important for you to take their needs into consideration when you're on the hunt for a new home. If you're eager to purchase a home, but are unsure of what qualities can make a specific home a better fit than others, you'll need to keep an eye out for what will make a home more accessible.

1. Ramps Instead of Front Stairs

Just entering the home can be an obstacle when the front door only has steps leading to it. This can nearly impossible for somebody in a wheelchair to climb, making it vital for you to look for homes that have a ramp instead. Since this can be a fairly rare feature to find in a house, you should keep an eye out for homes that can easily be altered to have a ramp in their front yard.

Being able to install a ramp with ease when there's an incline to the front door can make the front of home much more accessible to anyone in a wheelchair.

2. Wide Hallways and Doorways

As you look for homes for sale, you need to take a walk through with a measuring tape and get a realistic idea of how wide all the walkways are. Hallways can sometimes be quite narrow, making it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to move down one. Doorways can also be difficult to fit through with a standard-sized wheelchair.

With this in mind, you should keep an eye out for hallways and doorways that are a bit wider so that mobility throughout the home won't be an issue.

3. Roomy Kitchen Without an Island

With how much the typical kitchen is used, it's a good idea to look for homes with a kitchen that has the right layout for your needs. A kitchen island can provide an additional counter space, but it can often end up making the kitchen feel more closed-in and more of an obstacle for someone in a wheelchair.

House hunting with the promise of finding a place that's roomy can make all the difference in how comfortable a home is for someone in a wheelchair. Making mobility and easy access with a wheelchair a priority can help you avoid homes that are too cramped and leave you only with your choice of homes that have plenty of space and won't be problematic for anyone in a wheelchair. 

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