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Getting Handy With Home Marketing

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No matter how much you love your home, it may be time to make a change. That means that it's time to take a fresh look at your home before you place it on the market and evaluate what can and should be updated. The good news is that it's not really necessary to spend a lot of money to spruce your home up for buyers. Read on for some expensive tips for a do-it-yourself type to accomplish.

Use paint to refresh and renew

When you consider how much paint can change things, you will be convinced of its value. A coat of paint in a nice easy-on-the-eyes neutral shade will update any room in your home. Using lighter colors will make your rooms automatically look a bit larger and cheerier. The wonders of paint don't end with your walls and trim, however.

There are now paint formulations that work on floors. Porch paint is custom-made to stand up to the elements and foot traffic and those same qualities make it amazing for your interior floors as well. It's easier than you may think to paint an attractive checkerboard pattern on an entry floor or a subtle pattern on a kitchen floor. New or refinished wood flooring is expensive, but painting is an easy way to update a tired floor.

The kitchen draws buyers like magnets, but if your appliances have seen better days, you might also consider painting them. You can even simulate the look of stainless steel with special metallic appliance paint. Consider a splash of color for a stove, such as Tiffany blue or bright red or yellow for a retro look.

Add a few architectural details

If your home is lacking interest you can add some woodwork to a room in a flash. Big-box home stores can provide homeowners with wood or wood-look pieces to create chair-rails, crown molding, and window frames.

Update your window coverings

If there is one thing that can date a home, it's window treatments. When you are lucky enough to have nice sized windows, be sure to make the most of them by using them to bring light into a room. Lose the heavy drapes and blinds, and use sheers with pretty rod finials. The higher you hang those curtains the larger your rooms will look, so don't hesitate to hang them outside of the opening.

If your budget allows, change out the old-fashioned verticals or mini blinds for some updated plantation shutters or retro Venetian blinds. Using resin instead of wood will save you some money and still look chic and updated.

Ask your real estate agent for some more tips to brighten and refresh your home and get it ready before you sell your home.