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How To Wow Buyers With Your Garage

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Curb appeal doesn't stop at the actual curb. It extends across the entire front of your home and yard. While the garage may not be a top priority on a potential buyer's wish list, it is still important, and how it looks—inside and out—can make or break a sale.

1. Garage Door: The average two-car garage door is 16 feet wide and seven feet tall, which makes it one of the largest elements of the exterior of your home. It's got to look good, both from the street and up close. Give it a good power wash to remove the years of built-up dirt, grime, and cobwebs.

2. Windows: If your garage has any windows, pull out your trusty squeegee and make them shine. If you notice any windows with broken glass or seals, you may want to talk to your agent about making those repairs.

3. Dents: It happens to everyone. One minute you're slowly backing out of your garage and then—bam!—you were distracted for just a split second. Hello, dent! While it isn't the end of the world, your home's new owner shouldn't have to deal with your mishap.

4. Paint: A fresh coat of paint or stain makes everything look fresh and brand new. If you are unsure of what color to paint your garage, stick with neutrals or ask your real estate agent what will help you sell fast.

5. Opener: Test the button on the inside of your garage. Does it work? It should. If buyer's test it out—and they will—it needs to function properly. Potential buyers assume that if you haven't done preventative maintenance on something as simple as the garage door opener, then other things have been neglected as well. They may even mentally start reducing their offer price.

6. Squeaks: A little lubricant goes a long way to helping you sell your home. As the garage door rises, it shouldn't squeak, groan, or make any other strange noises. Squeaking does not give a good first impression. Little things can and do make a difference.

7. Floors: Garage floors are always dirty. Their very nature precludes them from being perfectly clean. You should, however, take time to sweep out the dirt, dead leaves, and cobwebs. Buyers want to know that you take care of the things you own.

8. Oil Stains: While you're sweeping, look for oil stains. Sometimes cars leak oil, which can leave puddles and stains on the garage floor. Clean any stains the best you can and, if the car still leaks, consider putting cardboard under the car to prevent further damage.

9. Epoxy: Buyers love epoxy garage floors. It is that little extra something that pushes your house up to the top of their list. The process is so simple that you can do it yourself with an epoxy paint kit purchased at any hardware store. Bonus—you can also hide excessive oil stains with a fresh coat of epoxy paint for a clean, polished look.

While the garage may be the last place you'd think would pique a buyer's interest, clean and organized houses for sale always make buyers happy.