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Single-Family Home Checklist

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If you are in the market for a single-family home, then you may want to make yourself a checklist to quickly determine whether or not a home that you run across or that your realtor informs you of is worth taking a look at. This short guide will give you some example items that you may want to have included on your own checklist, so you can find the right home for you and your family without wasting a lot of time looking at ones that won't be a good match.

Is there a good chance of getting the home for your price range? Keep in mind; you don't always want to look past a home that's a bit higher than you are willing to go with regards to the price, because sellers will often go down. There are some signs to look for that can indicate there is a better chance of them taking a lower offer. Some of these things include the home being on the market for a good period of time, the price being lowered in the past or any signs that the seller is in a rush to get out from under the home.

Is the home in a good area for your family? You can ask your realtor for certain information regarding the neighborhood the house is in or even look online to find the information you need. Some things you may want to consider is whether the home is in a nice neighborhood or more of an industrial area, whether it is on a side street or a main street, what the school ratings are, how far shopping and other amenities are, how close it is to the airport and what the crime statistics are for the area the home is directly located in.

Is the home the right size for your family? When you are going to be looking for a home, you will generally already have a good idea of the size of home you want, not only with regards to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want but also with regards to the square footage of the home and the size of the property itself. Make sure the home matches your desires in these areas, or you may end up in a home that takes more physical maintenance than you wanted to put into it regularly and one that costs you more than you wanted to maintain. If it's smaller than you wanted, you can end up dealing with a lot of issues with regards to being crammed in there and not having enough storage.

For more information on finding single-family homes for sale, contact your local realtor.