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Things You Can Leave Behind When Moving

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You don't have to carry everything in your home if you are moving. Since the weight of your moving boxes will affect the moving quotes that you receive from various moving companies, it would be a waste of money to carry things you won't need in your new home. Here are some of the things you may safely leave behind.

Expired Items

You would be surprised at how much expired stuff a typical house has. This includes things like over-the-counter and prescription drugs, air fresheners, canned food, makeup supplies, and many more. Therefore, go through your list of items with expired dates and confirm that you are only carrying those that are still safe to use. The rest you should get rid of in a preferred manner.

Items That Don't Fit Your New Geography

If you are executing a long distance move, then it's possible that your new home may be of a different weather, climate or geography to your old home. In such a case, you may find that some of your old items may be superfluous to your new home. For example, snow boots may not be useful in an area where it hardly ever snows, and surfboards may be redundant in a city hundreds of miles from a major water body.

Items Due for Replacement

In some cases, you may find that some of your items are still useful, but you have been meaning to replace or upgradde them for a long time. Take the opportunity to get rid of such items so that you can update them in your new location. For example, if you still have an old CRT TV (those big and bulky ones) that you want to replace, donate or junk it so that you can buy a new one when you get to your new place.

Manuals of Items You Are Leaving

If you have been staying in the same place for a long time, then chances are high that you have gathered a host of owner's manuals over the years. It wouldn't make any sense to carry these manuals if you are leaving the relevant items behind. For example, if you are not carrying the cooking range or refrigerator, then confirm that you aren't carrying their respective manuals, too.

Leftover Renovation Supplies

Lastly, it may also be a good idea to leave leftover renovation supplies unless you are certain you will need them in your new home. Things like leftover paint, pieces of roofing shingles, or boards of wood for the fence may have no place in your new home due to different architecture or construction materials.