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Staging Your Home To Sell It Fast

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When you put your house on the market, you want it to sell fast. And most real estate agents will tell you there are ways to help that process along. Good real estate agents can help you make the property as attractive as possible by setting the asking price properly and making the home aesthetically pleasing. Making the home aesthetically attractive to potential buyers is called staging. Read on for some staging tips that real estate agents give their clients. 

Consider Curb Appeal

Make your home beautiful to potential buyers the second they pull up to the curb. Make sure the lawn is healthy, full, and cut appropriately short, and be sure that shrubs are trimmed neatly. Sidewalks should be swept and the street in front of your home should be cleared of dirt and debris. Give the house a power wash and be sure that windows are clean. If you have a porch, give it a fresh coat of paint and consider creating a little sitting area on it. If the porch isn't large enough for a chair or two, put out some pots filled with flowers. 

Cut the Clutter and Clean

Potential buyers should be able to pay attention to the structure and design elements of your house, so don't distract them with your knick-knacks, stacks of paper, or piles of laundry. Clear surfaces and hide personal items out of the way, unless they're perfect. For example, if you have a gorgeous rain trench and umbrella, go ahead and leave it on your coat rack. But your 5-year-old coat still stained from winter should be hidden out of view. Once the clutter is gone, get to cleaning. Your home should be pristine, so get to that grout with a toothbrush. 

Clear Out Closets

When you're clearing out the clutter, don't just stash it in the closet. Potential buyers will want to know about the storage your home has available. So clear the clutter from your closets and leave only the necessities. When you leave your home for a showing, open your closet doors so that potential buyers can see how much closet space you have without them feeling like they're snooping. 

Use Neutral Colors and Gender Neutral Decor

This is the time to swap out those fun and brightly colored throw pillows for ones in neutral tones. If you have a floral bedspread, consider swapping it out for one in a solid, neutral color so that a family, a single man, or a single woman could all easily picture themselves living in your house. Upscale hotel decor is the look you should be going for.