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Things That You'll Learn During Your First Open Houses

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When you're a new real estate agent, attending an open house isn't just a way to potentially sell a home for your client — it can also be an opportunity for you to learn about buyers' habits at open houses. Although your first priority should always be to help those who visit the event and wish to look around, you shouldn't hesitate to also make some notes on a piece of paper or even record some quiet voice memos into your smartphone about the lessons that you're learning. You can then assess these lessons and work to make any necessary changes before your next open house. Here are some things that you'll often learn during your first open house.

What Questions Are Common?

The feature sheet that you hand out when interested buyers arrive at the open house will ideally answer all of the questions that people may have, but you'll inevitably hear some questions from people about details that aren't on the feature sheet. Make a note about which questions come up regularly. It's possible that you simply made an omission on the feature sheet, but it's also possible that you could afford to provide more detail on this document. This lesson will help you to put together more detailed feature sheets for future open houses.

How Hands-On Should You Be?

You obviously want to be helpful to those who attend the open house, but your first such event can give you an idea of how hands-on people want the agent to be. There will be some people who essentially want you to walk them through the entire house, and others who want to be left to roam on their own. Most people, however, will fall somewhere in the middle — perhaps enjoying the opportunity to hear about the house from you for a few minutes, and then wander on their own. You'll gain the valuable lesson on what type of approach to take with people.

How Do You Raise Awareness?

It never hurts to ask people as they enter the open house how they found out about the event. You'll usually get a variety of responses, and you can notice which methods are most common. For example, if the majority of people say that they saw your signs in the neighborhood, you may wish to invest in more signs, but also concentrate on some other methods. If most people say that they learned about the open house through social media, you can ensure that you take a similar approach for the next open house that you hold.

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