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How Owning A Home Affects Your Taxes

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Buying a house is a great part of life, but it also requires a lot of responsibilities. In addition to the responsibilities, you will also reap benefits from owning a home. There are many benefits of home ownership, and some of them will affect your income taxes. When you buy a house, it will affect your taxes in multiple ways, and here are some of the main effects that you may experience.

You can write off your closing costs

The first year after buying a house is the year you may reap the most tax benefits from owning a house, and this is because you will have the right to write off a lot of expenses related to the purchase of your house. This includes all the fees you paid to your lender to get the loan, and it also includes any points you paid for the loan. Because of this, the first year after you buy your house could potentially give you a good tax break, and this might even mean that you will get a significantly higher tax return.

Each year you can write off the interest you pay on the loan

The second benefit is something you can experience every year you have the loan on the house. If you have a 30-year loan, you may be able to reap this benefit for the next 30 years. The IRS allows homeowners the benefit of writing off all the interest they pay. While you will pay a lot of interest on your loan at first, it will slowly go down over time. This means that you will reap the most tax benefits during the first five years or so of having the loan.

In addition, you can also write off the amount you pay for property taxes each year on your tax return. To write these things off, you will need to itemize your taxes. By itemizing, you can claim a higher deduction than the standard deduction if you have enough expenses to write off.

You can write off certain improvements to your home

The other thing you should know is you might be able to write off other things related to your house too, and most things the IRS allows people to write off are related to energy-efficient improvements made to the home.

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