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Keep Your Rental Homes Maintained And Occupied

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Late payments, damages to property, and unhappy tenants may be some of the issues that you are currently facing if you own several rental homes but have been residing in a neighboring state and don't have the time to visit each property. Don't be left in the dark or subject yourself to failure by neglecting your properties. Hire a property manager and keep your rental homes maintained and occupied.

Hire A Manager And Have Them Visit Each Property

Hire a property manager and give them a lowdown on each property, the current tenants who reside in specific homes, the date of the month that payments are due, and any problems that you have previously experienced with specific tenants. A property manager can be assigned to head out to each property so that they can formally introduce themselves to your tenants.

Providing your manager with contact information will allow the manager to call each person up so that they do not inconvenience them by arriving at a time when one or more of the residents are busy. The manager can inform the tenants that they are to send their rent directly to them on the dates that are specified in the leases.

While visiting the properties, the manager can photograph the inside and outside of each home and take note of any cosmetic or structural issues that need to be resolved.

Communicate With Your Manager

Communicate regularly with your property manager. During discussions, you can mention any repairs that you would like to have addressed and the companies that are going to be hired to complete each project. The manner in which you are going to handle paying for the repairs should also be discussed.

If you need the property manager to hand over checks once the repairs are made, the manager will be aware of how you plan to handle each financial transaction so that it is completed correctly. You can also go over any basic maintenance procedures that you would like the manager to perform. Mowing lawns, trimming weeds, and removing overgrowth are some basic tasks that your manager can be responsible for. 

Promote Empty Homes

Don't hurt yourself by failing to keep your residences occupied. Make sure that your property manager knows that you would like to be informed immediately if a tenant has told them that they are not going to renew their lease and that they plan on moving out of one of the homes.

Your property manager can promote the empty homes, either by seeking referrals from current residents and then providing tours of the properties or by advertising that one or more of the homes are for rent. 

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