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Three Ways To Set Up An Alcove Studio Apartment

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If you're looking to rent an apartment unit and you feel as though a studio apartment will suit your needs, you may come across what's known as an alcove studio. Many residential buildings advertise this type of unit, which has an alcove that often gives the space an "L" shape. Alcove studio apartments are sometimes a little larger than standard studio units, but the big advantage is the shape of the space. The alcove can provide you with a number of different ways to set up the apartment in a suitable manner. Before you decide whether this type of unit is the right one for you, it's a good idea to consider how you might set it up. You can then make an informed decision about renting. Here are three ways to do so.


Many alcove studio apartment tenants use the alcove as a bedroom space. There are many advantages to this idea — namely, you give yourself a little more privacy when you have guests over, as everyone won't be essentially sitting in your bedroom. Although there's no door to the alcove, you can put up a tension rod with a curtain to separate the two spaces. The size of the alcove influences exactly how much of a bedroom it can be. At minimum, you may only be able to fit your bed in this space. For larger units, you may fit your bed and a dresser.

Sitting Area

You may alternatively favor using the alcove in your alcove studio as a sitting area. There are many different ways to approach doing so. If the alcove has a window in it, setting a comfortable chair and side table in this space can be perfect if you're a prolific reader and love the idea of a dedicated reading area. Space permitting, a bookshelf in the alcove can also be good. Another option is to place a small couch, coffee table, and entertainment unit with a TV in the alcove.

Dining Room

In some alcove studio apartments, you may have space to use the alcove as a small dining area. It won't likely accommodate a large table and lots of chairs, but if you commonly dine alone or perhaps with one guest, you can often make this space work. A small table and a pair of chairs will fill the alcove and give you the feeling of dining in a dedicated area. This can be ideal if you've been used to perhaps eating on your bed or at your desk, which can sometimes be convenient, but not always be very pleasurable. Speak to a rental agent at a local residential building to set up a tour of an alcove studio apartment unit.

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