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4 Often-Forgotten Costs To Include In Your Water Damage Insurance Claim

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If your roof leaks, a large pipe bursts, or floodwaters flow into your home, you will probably be left dealing with extensive water damage. Luckily, homeowner's insurance often covers that damage. You and the insurance company will work together to figure out what the cost to repair the damage will be, and they will present you with a check -- which you can use to pay for the necessary repairs. Throughout this process, it is important to be thorough and to include any and all costs related to the damage. Here are a few costs people often forget about.

1. Bleach, Sponges, and Other Cleaning Equipment

Think back on the initial cleanup you had to perform on your home. Did you have to go to the store to buy bleach, sponges, a bucket, a mop, some wading boots, or any other equipment? You would not have needed these items if it were not for the water damage, so make sure you include their cost in your claim. Save receipts as proof.

2. Paint

Once you replace all of the damaged building materials, like drywall and trim, you will have to re-paint the area. Many people forget to include paint in their estimated damages since painting comes so late in the process. But the cost of a few gallons of paint can really add up. Include brushes, paint stirs, rollers, and other painting equipment in your estimate, too.

3. Labor

Perhaps you plan to make the repairs yourself rather than hiring a contractor. This is generally okay as long as you are not doing any work that requires a permit, like plumbing or electrical work. If you do make the repairs yourself, ask your insurance company if they can include money towards the "cost of labor" in your estimate. This will help account for the time you spend making repairs. Some insurance companies will oblige this request, while others may not -- but it's worth asking.

4. Exterior Damage

Many times, water damage does not just affect the inside of your home. Did the flowing water cause some of your flowers to drown? Maybe it rinsed mulch out of your garden bed, and you now have to replace the mulch. Evaluate the exterior of your home carefully, and make sure you ask for money to compensate you for any damage -- no matter how minor.

If you remember to include the costs above in your damage estimate, you can be assured your claim fully covers the damage. For more information, contact a company like The People's Choice Public Adjuster.