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Prepping Your Home For Sale: Four Approaches To Consider

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When it comes to preparing your home for sale, you've probably already considered how much cleaning you'll need to do. You might even have a list of small repairs that need to be completed before you can sell your home. However, there are lots of other approaches you can take to help make your home ready for potential buyers. Here are some options to consider and discuss with your real estate agent.

Put On Your Gardening Gloves

If your home doesn't have any flowers or plants outside, now is the time to add them. Adding some flowers or shrubs to the outside of the home can make it appear homier and more inviting. For houses that already have some landscaping, pull out the pruning shears and give your garden and shrubs a quick update. If your lawn has bare patches, consider having it re-sodded before your real estate agent takes pictures for the listing. When it's time to have a showing, mow the lawn so the grass is freshly cut.

Stage Empty Rooms

Empty rooms can seem drab, especially if the rest of the home is furnished. Turn an empty bedroom into a guest bedroom or home office with a few pieces of cheap, ready-to-assemble furniture. A bed with a nightstand and lamp can be all you need for a guest bedroom, and a home office can be achieved with a bookshelf, desk, and desk chair. You may also want to consider purchasing more expensive items if you are planning to put all-new furniture in your new home, as these items can be simply transferred to the new property when the time comes. Remember that an empty finished basement can also be staged to make your home more appealing.

Remove Wallpaper And Bright Paint

Wallpaper, even wallpaper borders, can look dated when you are showing your home. Bright paint colors that you love might seem not as attractive to prospective home buyers. Take the time to remove old wallpaper and prime walls for painting. Choose neutral colors, but consider using different shades of neutral colors throughout the home. Hues of beige, for example, can make each room look warm without being loud, while white walls can sometimes seem dull or boring.

Change Your Curtains

There are multiple reasons to switch out the curtains in your home. If you've had the same curtains for years, they may be a bit dated, and the colors tend to fade over time as a result of direct sunlight. Adding new curtains can spruce up the look of each room while calling attention to just how much natural sunlight your home gets. Opt for sheer curtain panels, and be sure to keep the curtains open when taking photos or showing the home. Purchasing curtain tiebacks will help keep the sunlight flowing throughout the home during walk-through appointments and open house events.

For more tips to help you sell your house, work with a local real estate company.