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Tenant Services You Can Hire Out To A Property Management Firm

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As a rental property owner, you will have a lot of responsibilities on your plate if you handle all the work yourself. After a while this can become exhausting, and you might feel tired and overwhelmed. If you can relate, now might be a good time to hire a property management company to take over some of your duties. A good place to start with this is by hiring the company to take over the tenant-related services for your properties. Here are some of the most important tenant-related services for rental properties:

Selection of tenants

Choosing the tenants that live in your properties is one of the most important tenant-related services you must complete, and this is something that requires effective tenant-screening efforts. Do you know how to screen tenants, or do you simply accept anyone into your units? By choosing better tenants, you will have less work to do, and you may find that it is easier collecting rental payments.

The move-in process

A second tenant service that takes time is helping tenants move in. While you will not actually have to move their things, you will have to walk through the units with them, fill out reports, and have them sign leases, and these things can take a lot of time.

Maintaining tenants

Maintaining tenants is an ongoing process that includes things like making repairs when needed and solving problems tenants have. It also includes collecting their rental payments and keeping the units and common areas maintained and cleaned. If you select good tenants, they will probably care for their units better than bad tenants would, and they are less likely to cause problems and damage to the units. Even good tenants require services and time, though, and you will stay busy with this task if you own multiple rental properties.

Tenant move-outs

Each time a tenant moves out, there is also a lot of work that must be done. This often includes changing the door locks, removing trash, repainting units, repairing things in the units, and cleaning the carpet. After you completely clean and repair a unit, you will then have to begin the process all over again by finding a new tenant to occupy this unit.

These are four types of tenant services, and these four tasks can be time-consuming if you handle them all on your own. If you would like a quote for services, contact a property management company that handles tenant service and HOA management to find out the answers to all your questions.