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No Longer Need Your Garage? 4 Tips To Turn It Into An Apartment

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If you no longer need your garage, there are many things you can use it for. One of these things is turning the garage into an apartment. You can then rent the apartment to make extra money or let one of your older children or a friend move into it. Below are four tips to help you decide if you would like to do this.

1. Get the Permits

The first thing you must do is to visit your local courthouse and get the permits you need. This is important because if you skip this, your township could make you stop the remodeling. You need to have permits to add plumbing and electrical wiring. You also must have the apartment inspected when you finish before you can live in it or rent the apartment out.

2. Straighten the Floor

The garage likely has a sloped floor to prevent pooling water. To determine if your garage floor is like this you can use a level. If the garage floor is not level, you will have to hire a concrete contractor to add more concrete until it is completely level. This should not be a big expense as it will likely not take a large amount of concrete to do this.

3. Paint the Garage Floor

You can paint the garage floor with enamel paint. This will prevent the floor from becoming slippery if it gets wet. You have many color choices to choose from. You can mix colors also or paint a design on the floor of your choosing. Stencils can be used if you do not know how to draw. You can add floor carpets throughout the room to make the floor more comfortable. If you plan to rent the garage apartment out, you should completely carpet the flooring or use tile.

4. Convert the Garage Door

The garage door can be converted into something like a bay window. The door can also be changed in a way that it will look like a normal interior wall, such as covering up the door with dry board and painting. If you do not want to do anything with the door, you will need to add insulation and use calking to seal the door to prevent air from getting in or out of the apartment.

Hire a builder to do this job for you, and they can give you many more tips, such as hooking up the plumbing and heating and air. For more information on making your garage apartments, contact your local builder.