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Building For The Future? Consider Adding These Custom Features To Your New Home Design

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The decision to build a customized new home is often made when there is an intention to remain in the home for several years. Families that choose this route over an existing house are usually looking ahead to make sure the home they build will remain safe and comfortable for them as they grow older and their family situation changes. If you are ready to commit to building a custom home and want it to be well-suited for the latter years of your life, here are some features you may wish to include. 

Designing for physical limitations 

Including design features that will allow you to live more comfortably later, should physical disabilities occur, need not affect the overall beauty of your home's design. Instead, the addition of wider doors and hallways, more spacious bathrooms, and a design that either keeps all living areas on one level or includes a low-key elevator system can work well now while easily allowing for mobility issues later in life.

When designing this type of home, it is also important to choose the building site carefully, with possible future needs in mind. For instance, a lot that is relatively level with few landscaping challenges will be better for aging in place than one with steep or difficult terrain or a poor location.

Allowing for assistance

Another design idea that is worth considering during the process of designing a custom home that you plan to live in for a long time is to allow for the possibility that you may someday need assistance with daily activities. A good way to do this is to include a separate apartment that can be used as a guest suite now and then converted into a place for live-in help later in life. Other ideas include an in-house intercom system to connect the two living areas and separate entrances to allow both guests and live-in assistants to enjoy enhanced privacy. 

Enhancing security 

A home that is designed for decades of living enjoyment should include security features that will help you feel safe both now and in the future. A fence with a gated entry system that can be used to restrict entry into the property and a good lighting and camera system is an excellent security enhancement for this purpose. 

Building a home that will be comfortable both now and decades into the future means giving careful thought to each detail. When planning to build a custom home, take time to carefully consider the features that will help you remain in the home through any likely physical or health-related issues. Reputable custom home builders can help you more easily incorporate these features into the design as your new home is built.