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Want to Sell Your Home? Know the Different Methods That May Be Used to Do It

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The process of selling your home these days is not as simple as it once was many years ago. There are many different methods to sell a home with some techniques being better than others, depending on your situation. Here is what you need to know about 4 of these methods.

MLS Listing

A very traditional way to find a buyer for your home is to list it on the MLS. The home listing will be distributed to the many real estate search engines to allow buyers and agents to find your home. It's the first thing you should do to ensure that you are casting your net as wide as possible to attract a buyer. Thanks to the internet, the MLS helps ensure that people can easily find your home if they are looking for real estate.


Some sellers want to try and sell their home on their own in an effort to save on the commission that would normally need to be paid to the seller's agent. This type of sale is often referred to as for sale by owner, or FSBO for short. You are responsible for doing all of the advertising, showings, and negotiating during the sales process, so you'll need to make sure you're familiar with everything that needs to be done.

Pocket Home Listing

If you want to keep the sale of your home a secret, you can avoid listing your home on the real estate market by using a pocket home listing. This is the process of using word of mouth between realtors who might know a buyer that could be interested in your home. This method is great if you are looking for discretion in the sale of your home.

Real Estate Auction

If your home is not in the best shape, you may be better off using a real estate auction rather than traditional options. You'll be able to attract a group of buyers looking for cheaper homes to flip, and the auction could help spur some competition to get your home a higher selling price than what it would get without an auction. An auction can also help your home get sold quickly since you can have it sold at an auction. This method of selling a home tends to be faster than traditional methods.

Work with a real estate agent to find out about more methods for selling a home.