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Buying A Property That Boasts A Small Creek: Good Or Bad Idea?

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Your real estate agent takes you to a property that has everything you could possibly want. The house is seemingly perfect, it is in a good area, and there are just enough acres. However, there is one little thing about the property that is unique: it boasts a small stream running through the backyard. You love the idea of having your own little babbling brook to complement your future flower garden, but is having a creek on your home property a good idea? Here is a look at a few things to consider before making an offer on a real estate property that includes a small creek on the property. 

It is best to investigate the potential of flooding on the property. 

Any time there is a natural waterway on or near residential property, flooding is a risk that has to be considered. Some creeks will never really swell enough to cause a major threat, but many natural waterways will swell with heavy amounts of rainfall. Take a look at the history of the property and the area to find out if flooding has ever been an issue. You should also consider things like:

  • The distance the creek is from the house
  • Where water would go if the creek were to swell 
  • Whether the creek is downhill or uphill from the house 

Having a creek can mean more problems with pests. 

Wildlife is naturally attracted to water, and having a creek on your property can mean there is more of a probability that you will have some pests hanging around. For example, in warmer climates, snakes can be an issue around waterways and mosquitoes love water in any location. For some homeowners, having the small waterway on their property is an advantage in spite of the pests, but this is a risk that you should consider. 

Creeks are sometimes not desirable if you have small children. 

If you do have small children, creeks can be a bit of a safety concern, especially if they are not fenced or otherwise enclosed. Of course, efforts can be made to make the area safer, such as installing a fence along the creek's edges. However, this is not something that a lot of homeowners will want to do as soon as they buy a property and put a lot of money into getting moved in. For older children, however, having a creek on the property can be something that is a lot of fun.