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Open House Etiquette For Buyers And Sellers

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An open house is a great way to get a home in front of as many potential buyers are possible. It is a low-pressure environment where people can tour a home without having to arrange a showing with an agent. However, there is some etiquette involved for both buyers and sellers for a successful open house.

Seller Etiquette

As a seller, you want to make sure that the buyer feels as comfortable as possible touring your home. One way you can really make an open house awkward is by staying in your home during the open house. This can cause sellers to not feel comfortable in the home or talking openly about the home with the people they came with, causing them to not discuss the house and make it forgettable. You want to invite conversation from buyers while they are in the home, and leaving the house for a while is the best way to do it. Plan to see a movie, go shopping, or anything necessary to stay away while your selling agent runs the show.

Sellers should also take time to clean their home prior to inviting guests over to view it. This means putting away clutter, vacuuming, dusting, and making your home look the very best it can. Having a home that looks well cared for is going to show that you have taken care of the home over the years. A dirty home can make it feel like you ignored maintenance over the years.

Buyer Etiquette

Buyers should be respectful of the person's home that they are walking through in several ways. First, ask the seller's agent about if you should leave your shoes on or off for the open house. The sellers may request for you to remove shoes if they have carpeting that can easily become stained or bad weather can cause water and mud to be tracked through a home.

It is normal to want to peek around closets and bedrooms during an open house, but you must be respectful of personal belongings. It's one thing to open a bathroom cabinet to see if there is storage, but it is another to take a close look at personal items in the cabinet.

You should also be respectful about what you say about the home to the seller's agent. If they want your opinion about the home, be sure to use polite language and give constructive criticism about what you are not interested in the home.

For more tips, contact a local realtor