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Four Trends In New Home Construction

Are you thinking of having a home built from the ground up in order to ensure that your home is exactly how you want it? If so, you may not realize all the features you want in a home if you've never thought of them before. Here are some recent trends in new home construction to be aware of.

Home Automation

Having a home that is connected to the internet for home automation is one feature you'll definitely want to add to a home. While it is possible to retrofit home automation into your home after it is built, there is definitely something nice about having all of the components working in harmony as soon as you move in.

Home automation can start with something as simple as telling the lights to turn on and off at certain times, but it can extend to things like automated shades that will open and close when you want them to.

Radiant Heat

Having forced air for heating in a home is no longer the standard for new construction. Instead, many people are deciding to have radiant heat installed in their home, which is best to install while the home is being built. Having hot water pipes running through the home will help heat the space in an effective way that is also comfortable. You will never want to go back to having forced air heating after you experience radiant heat. 

Second-Floor Laundry Room

While the laundry room is typically thought of as a room that belongs in the basement, it doesn't make much sense when you have a two-story home where all the bedrooms are on the second floor. You'll end up dragging laundry baskets up and down the stairs, which is totally unnecessary. The latest trend is to place the laundry room on the floor where the bedrooms are located to minimize the distance that you have to move dirty laundry. 

Walk-In Showers

Long gone is the traditional bathtub that you can also use as a shower. Walk-in showers are becoming much more popular for modern homes. These showers often have no lip on them to step over, which even helps make the shower handicap accessible. This is great if you are building a home to retire in, since it will make it easier to bathe as you get older in age.

Speak to a home builder for more trends in new home construction.

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