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Shopping For A Military Home For Sale? Don't Forget To Ask These 3 Things

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Shopping for a military house can be a little different from finding a standard home. In addition to looking for a home within the enclosed confines of a base, you may also have fewer options than you have in other neighborhoods. However, taking the time to talk with your real estate agent can really help. Here are three things you should ask when you start shopping for a military home for sale. 

1. When the House Was Built

Was the house you are looking at built five years ago or more? Since old homes can be sold and resold for years, it is important to be familiar with the fact that some older spaces can be built with materials that are no longer safe. For instance, asbestos was once a very common building material used in ceilings and pipe insulation. 

When you shop for old homes on a military base, make sure you understand when the homes were built and whether or not they have been repaired to remove issues like asbestos and other problems that could jeopardize the health of your family. 

2. Why the Sellers Are Moving

Asking why the sellers are moving is important because it could give you a little bit of a better idea of how motivated they are to sell. For instance, if the sellers have been transferred suddenly, they may be more motivated to sell, which can make negotiations easier. 

When you tour homes with the seller's agent, make sure you get as much information about the sellers as possible. From how long the place has been on the market to what to expect in terms of negotiations, being familiar with the process can really pay off. 

3. Perks of the Neighborhood

Talk with your agent about what is special about the neighborhood. Take a tour of the neighborhood to see where things like restaurants, base entrances and exits, and other key landmarks are. Pay attention to the location of the airfield since it can create a lot of noise in the area. 

Additionally, tour the neighborhood during the day so you can see who is outside. Look for people who are happily going about their business, and pay attention to whether or not people have children with them. 

Don't hesitate to talk with an agent about your home hunt when you are ready. Although it can feel intimidating to start the search for a new house, knowing what you want and being familiar with what the target market has to offer can help you to streamline your experience and know what to expect. 

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